Nature Coast Adventure


Discover Citrus County by tour bus, boat, bike or by foot.

There are a wide variety of guided tour operators with a piece of in-depth knowledge for as Nature Coast Adventurer for you to choose from. All of whom are happy to assist you in getting around and learning about the region. Choose from boat excursions Scallop Trips and Manatee tours. Sunset River Cruise to a beautiful lonely bay. We have Bicycling trails encircling Inverness and Crystal River. Skateboarding and rollerblading for miles and miles. Tram buses are a nice cool way to get around. Walking around is safe and a great way to get the feel of beauty our County has to offer a Nature Coast Adventurer. A Local Guide is a great way to relax and get the most out your stay and making your trip to Discover Citrus County memorable!

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