Nature Coast Adventure


 A  fog was hovering over the Barge Canal We knew as we passed thru it this would be a special day For Nature Coast Adventurer . All gassed up we had signed up to a Conferance . . As we navigated our way as the speakers began we knew everyone coming together , sharing resources can help with great projects being completed  to help and the health and well being of our waters  .
    The day was not all Studying as we had use of a Golf Cart to cruise around Town and found some really Cool things here . The Mayor Of Cedar Key Heath Davis had wecolmed at the beginning of the meeting . He explained the Beauty of giving tp Local vendors so we opted to get a Nice Golf cart and did the loop .
    We picked up a sweet Yellow SOLAR Panel Power Ride At Gulf Kart Company across from the city Park . First stop was the Chamber Of Commerce  . Allways nice to see what is happening we got a map and some helpfull hints of the Island Town . We went and did the Main Street Cruise and made it to the water . The grid of streets is very simple but every street has something wonderfull to see . The week day visit also ment we had came on a picture perfect day not alot of pressure .
    Our conference was out at The Cedar Key Community center which is very nice. The Cedar Key Water Tower was out the back so I walked over to get a better look and noticed they where painting it . I was Thinking of our Own Water Tower in Homosassa . This crew was hanging off the sides and wow this was turning better . The conference was talking of making man-made reefs inside and How these can be achieved as I was looking almost 200 feet in the air at painting crews.
   We had gotten our afternoon break and we wondered over to WIlsons Wood he told of His Sweet Adirondack Porch Swings and the quality is just So Good . He has his own Sawmill and property to cut . So everything is built by hand . The building he is in was also his net Building . He was a commercial fisherman before the Ban . He is truelly a fixture in Cedar Key . He told me of his wife after I asked about some art work that had the signature WELLS . She had passed and he showed me his dog . Then he told me something I never really thought Id Hear . He loves playing Video Games . Nintendo Mario he has 3 differnt game consoles . He is 76 years old and he is showing you can save the princess.

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